Workers’ Compensation Services

RMS has been managing workers’ compensation
claims since 1984

Our aggressive claims management and return-to-work programs can be the difference between maintaining an excellent experience modification rating or decreasing experience rating spikes. These spikes have a tremendous impact on future premiums for years. RMS believes an aggressive approach is the only approach.

RMS is responsible for maintaining the workers’ compensation insurance policy, thereby eliminating the non-productive administrative burden on your business.

RMS workers’ compensation claims management support includes:

Case Manager Assigned to Every Claim
Development of Effective Return-to-Work Programs
Becomes the Business Partner with the Insurance Company
Insurance Company Liaison for all Litigation Matters
Closely Monitors All Claim Reserves
OSHA 300 and 300A Log Preparation
Preparation and Delivery of Insurance Certificates
Adherence to Division of Workers’ Compensation Rules and Regulations

Workers’ compensation policy maintenance includes:

Completion of the Annual Audit
Deductible Billing on a Monthly Basis
Premium Payment Plan Options to Help Increase Your Cashflow
Process Policy Changes (Ownership, Limits, Deductibles)

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